Why is Israel at war with Hamas in Gaza? A basic explainer.

Israel-Gaza war

President Biden said Egypt would allow up to 20 trucks with aid through the Rafah border crossing into Gaza. Meanwhile, U.S. and Israeli officials said the Gaza hospital strike appeared to come from a failed rocket launch by a terrorist group in Gaza. Follow the latest news and read more on what’s behind the Israel-Hamas war.

Hostages: Israeli officials say Hamas militants abducted about 200 hostages in a highly organized attack on Israel. Among those abducted from their homes or seized from a music festival are a mother, her two young daughters, a restaurant manager and a DJ. Here’s what we know about the hostages taken from Israel.

Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Here is a timeline of the decades-old conflict and what to know about the more recent violence in Israel and Gaza. The Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip has a complicated history, and its rulers have long been at odds with the Palestinian Authority, the U.S.-backed government in the West Bank.

Americans killed: At least 31 U.S. citizens have been killed. Here’s what we know about how the United States is getting involved in the Israel-Gaza war and how other foreign nationals were affected. This is how world leaders are reacting to the war.

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