UK Woman Convicted Of Murder After Driving Over Her Fiance, Dragging Him 500 Feet

CCTV camera footage released by police showed Wood repeatedly driving the car at Watson

A philosophy student has been found guilty of murdering her boyfriend when she “lost her temper” and ran over him with her car and dragged him 500 feet, police said in a news release

Alice Wood, 23, used her car as a weapon to run over and kill 24-year-old Ryan Watson, her fiance, after accusing him of flirting with another woman at a party. 

Mr Watson, a support worker at the brain injury charity Headway, was dragged more than 500 feet underneath the car and died as a result of his injuries, The Telegraph reported. 

Wood, who was studying philosophy at Manchester University had claimed it was an accident, but following a three-week trial at Chester Crown Court, she was found guilty of murder. 

“Wood used her vehicle as a weapon, while under the influence of alcohol, deliberately driving at him and even continuing to drive after knocking him down,” Detective Inspector Nigel Parr said in a statement. “She knew what she had done, but since then has refused to take accountability for her actions.”

Wood denied the accusation and said that her fiance’s death had been a “tragic accident,” the BBC reported.

CCTV camera footage released by police showed Wood repeatedly driving the car at Watson and knocking him underneath the car before driving away. 

After the verdict, Mr Watson’s mother, Lisa, 44, said she was living in a nightmare.

She said: “Ryan had such a big personality; he was a bubbly, fun-loving, caring person with a heart of gold who would do anything for anyone.

“He will be forever missed. All his family and friends are heartbroken to know we never get to see him again.”

She went on: “I can’t imagine how scared Ryan must have been at that moment. The one person Ryan trusted the most is the person who took his life in such a violent way. I am living in a nightmare knowing my son’s last moments were so brutal.”

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