Watch US Woman’s Reaction After Winning Lottery

Pamela Bradshawshared her plans for the prize money.

A heartwarming moment unfolded on New Year’s Eve when Pamela Bradshaw, a resident of North Carolina, experienced sheer disbelief as she won a million dollars in a lottery. A video capturing her reaction went viral, revealing the emotional moment when she fell on stage following the announcement of her lottery win.

Ms Bradshaw won $1 million on ‘Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve and the host Ryan Seacrest announced the life-changing news, declaring, “Pamela! You’re a millionaire!” Overwhelmed with joy, Ms Bradshaw fell to the ground, later getting back on her feet with the help of her daughter. 

Adding to the excitement, Ms Bradshaw, who had never set foot in New York City before, secured a VIP trip to the bustling metropolis through a second-chance drawing organized by the state lottery, as reported by The NY Post

Mr Seacrest said, “Pamela… first time here in New York City and you’re walking away in the new year a millionaire. The Powerball first millionaire of the year. Can you speak any sentences of excitement?”

She exclaimed, “Thank you God. I’m so blessed. I’m so blessed!” while she shared a heartfelt hug with her daughter. 

Watch the video here:

Ms Bradshaw shared her plans for the prize money, expressing her desire to use it to buy a home. She told  Powerball, “I would love to have my own home that is mine and that I feel safe in. Not anything fancy or big, just a little cottage or something with one or two bedrooms.”

Pamela Bradshaw’s million-dollar win on New Year’s Eve makes her the second consecutive Powerball winner from North Carolina. State lotteries conducted second-chance drawings and contests to build a nationwide pool of entrants for this special New Year’s event. It seems North Carolina has become a lucky streak for welcoming the new year with big wins. 

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