Man Detained On Qantas Flight After He Allegedly Attacks Air Hostess, Passengers

The dramatic scene occurred on Qantas flight QF46

A 28-year-old man on a Qantas flight was detained after he allegedly attacked and threatened to stab passengers and a crew member, the New York Post reported. The incident occurred aboard a Qantas flight QF46 between Bali and Melbourne. Witnesses said the man was allegedly agitated, screaming and shouting before the ”episode” occurred. Other witnesses said that the man allegedly attacked passengers.

”He attacked two or three of the other passengers and those other passengers overpowered him. Everybody was resting and all of a sudden this guy just jumped up and he started screaming and everybody was panicking,” a man aboard the flight said.

Videos of the incident that have surfaced online show other passengers wrestling with the man before he is pinned face down in the aisle by a crew member.

”Well, I’ve never heard or seen anything like this before…Some guy yelling ‘I’m going to stab you’ while lunging at the poor air hostess,” caption of one such video shared on social media read.

Upon landing, Airport police officials boarded the plane and questioned the man.

Meanwhile, Qantas released a statement saying that the safety of its customers and crew is the number one priority. They also informed that they are working with the authorities regarding the incident. 

A Qantas spokesperson has said, “The safety of our customers and our crew is our number one priority and we have zero tolerance for disruptive or threatening behaviour. We’ve been working with the authorities who met the aircraft on arrival into Melbourne. “

Last month, a video surfaced online showing an airline passenger’s epic meltdown aboard a Frontier Airlines flight bound from Houston to Denver. The shocking footage that went viral showed a woman crying, screaming, and arguing with the in-flight crew and passengers as they tried to restrain her. 

She then broke loose and was seen climbing over several rows of seats in the cabin. ”Stop pulling on my arm,” the woman yelled. ”Stop blocking me! I’ve been f***ing kidnapped!”, she screamed again as she hit an airline employee.

The plane later made a landing in Dallas, so police could remove the woman, Fox News reported. At the end of the video, a law enforcement official was seen boarding the plane and removing the unruly passenger.

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