German Woman Finds Old Lottery Ticket While Cleaning House, Wins Over Rs 91 Lakh

Officials were amazed to find the ticket in pristine condition when it was submitted

People’s luck can change overnight and that’s exactly what happened with a woman in Germany. According to the New York Post, the woman who has not been named, recently stumbled across a 2-year-old lottery ticket while she was cleaning her house for Christmas. Notably, she played the Lotterie Super 6 in February 2021 but then forgot all about it. 

While cleaning her home, she found the ticket in a desk drawer and ended up winning $110,000 (approximately Rs 91,61,449).

”I cannot believe it. It feels like rediscovering a forgotten treasure,” she exclaimed after the big win. The woman now wants to use the money for a vacation. 

Lottery officials were amazed to find the ticket in pristine condition when it was submitted for verification. They also urged winners to come forward before the December 31, 2024 deadline, as more than $660,000 in winnings from 2021 have not yet been claimed in Saxony-Anhalt.

”This was the only six-figure winning amount that was currently open for such a long time,” Lotto-Toto Sachsen-Anhalt director Stefan Ebert explained.

A few months back, a Massachusetts man also won a $1 million lottery prize on a ticket that he said he lost months ago. According to Fox News, Khalil Soussa said he misplaced the instant game ticket and forgot about it until his hired house cleaner came across it while working in his home.

“[He] only recently discovered it was a big winner when his house cleaner found the ticket in a vase and presented it to him,” the press release shared.

Talking of big lottery wins, a woman from North Carolina collapsed on live television after it was announced that she became the first winner of Powerball Millionaire of 2024, New York Post reported. Overcome with shock and excitement, Pamela Bradshaw fell to the ground and later got back on her feet with the help of the host and her daughter during ‘Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’.

”Oh my god!” she screamed while hugging host Ryan Seacrest excitedly. ”I’m so blessed,” she added as her daughter tightly embraced her. Ms Bradshaw, who hails from Clinton, was one of the five Powerball players across the United States who was chosen to try their luck at winning $1 million.


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