Flier Rescued From Burning Japan Plane Shares What Happened

William Manzione, who said he was on the plane, shared this picture

New Delhi:

All passengers on the Japan Airlines plane that burst into flames following a collision on the runway of Tokyo’s Haneda airport are safe and are being moved to the terminal, one of the fliers has shared.

“Hi, I was on it. Everyone is safe and they are taking us to the terminal,” William Manzione posted on X shortly after shocking visuals from the runway played on TV screens.

The Japan Airlines plane with 367 passengers and 12 crew on board caught fire after it collided with a coast guard aircraft, according to local media reports. Of the six on board the coast guard plane, five are missing and one is safe.

Mr Manzione has also shared a photo of the burning plane on the runway. While NDTV cannot confirm that he was on the plane, his timeline on X showed a photograph clicked at an airport in Hokkaido a day back. And, reports on the Haneda airport shocker have said the passenger plane had arrived from Sapporo airport on Hokkaido.

In reply to a post on X about the runway blaze, Mr Manzione said, “Everyone is safe, the crew evacuated the whole aircraft quickly.”

A coast guard official at Haneda Airport said “it’s not clear if there was a collision”. “But it is certain that our plane is involved,” he told news agency AFP.

The runway shocker comes a day after a series of earthquakes hit Japan, claiming near 50 lives.

In fact, the Jiji news agency has reported that the coast guard plane was to take off for a rescue operation in central Japan in the aftermath of the quakes.

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