Biohacker Bryan Johnson On Elon Musk’s Management Style

Mr Johnson’s comments have amassed a lot of reactions from social media users.

Elon Musk’s management style of running his vast business empire has come under fire from millionaire biohacker Bryan Johnson, a tech magnate who is spending $2 million a year to bio-hack his body into ageing backwards. “The difference between Elon and me: I’ll nourish you and drink your blood; he’ll fire you and leave you to die,” the 46-year-old wrote on X on Sunday.

Mr Johnson said this along with a screenshot of a post made on December 29 by an internet user Matt Paulson, who stated that his “unpopular opinion of the day is that Bryan Johnson looked way better before he started spending $2 million/year on his body.” Mr Paulson’s post caught the attention of Tesla and SpaceX Chief, who reacted to the post with a “100” emoji suggesting his agreement. Many other X users commented on Mr Johnson’s appearance, comparing his very pale skin tone and chiselled features to that of a vampire.

Since being shared, his comments have amassed a lot of reactions from social media users.

“Actually pretty sad seeing you two picking fights. You both have the overarching vision of preserving our precious human conciseness. If there can be more acceptance and more understanding,” said a user. To which, the millionaire said, “Like invisible ink, norms remain invisible until provoked.”

“Need you both. Elon will get us to space eventually. You will make sure we’re still alive to get there,” said a person.

Meanwhile, Mr Johnson in an interview with TIME said he consumes 111 pills daily. He also uses various health monitoring devices to track his progress. He wears a baseball cap that shoots red light into his scalp, collects his own stool samples, and sleeps with a tiny jet pack attached to his penis to monitor his nighttime erections. Mr Johnson wants to turn his whole body over to an anti-ageing algorithm. Outsourcing the management of his body means defeating what Johnson calls his “rascal mind”. The goal is to get his 46-year-old organs to look and act like 18-year-old organs. The tech millionaire eats dinner at 11 a.m. 

He made his fortune in his 30s when he sold his payment processing company Braintree Payment Solutions to eBay for $800 million in cash.

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