Non-Palestinian Scientist Who Created Hamas’ Drones: Mohamed Zouari – 2014 War Role; ‘Mossad Murder’


Hamas recently paid homage to Mohamed Zouari, the man credited with creating the Palestinian group’s drone force. Zouari, a Tunisian national, was shot dead outside his home in Sfax in 2016. Hamas claims that it was Israeli spy agency Mossad which was behind the assassination. Zouari created the ‘Ababil’ drone which reportedly played a key role in the Israel-Hamas war of 2014. After his murder, Hamas named a drone after Zouari which was also used in the October 7 attack on Israel. Also, the submarine project which Zouari was working on at the time of his death reportedly led to the Al Asif guided torpedo which Hamas claims to have used during the October 7 strike. Watch the full video for more.



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