Inside Hamas Tunnels: Hostages, Booby Traps and Explosives | Israel’s Biggest Gaza Challenge

A new challenge awaits Israeli forces against war with Hamas – the tunnels beneath Gaza. It is believed that Hamas has designed tunnels for attack, smuggling, and storage in the Gaza Strip. Israeli forces say that these tunnels stretch hundreds of kilometers long and up to 80 metres deep. Experts predict several IEDs and booby traps to be planted inside these tunnels. Israel’s specialist unit – Yahalom – has been tasked to find, clear, and destroy these tunnels. Watch for more. #tunnels #hamastunnels #israel #palestine #gazaunderattack #gaza #palestine #gazacity #israel #hamasattack #palestine #gazasiege #benjaminnetanyahu #pakistan #india #ghazwaehind #palestine #israel #gaza #gazaunderattack g #jihad #hamasvsisrael Hindustan Times Videos brings all the News for the Global Indian under one umbrella. We break down news from across the globe from the unique lens of a Rising India. Tune in for Explainers, Opinions, Analysis and a 360 degree view of big events in India and the World which impact your present and future. Follow the Hindustan Times Channel on WhatsApp for News Alerts, Top Stories and Editor picks. Join Us Today – Subscribe to the Hindustan Times YT channel and press the bell icon to get notified when we go live. Visit our website Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Facebook


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