Al-Qassam Fighters Blow Up Israeli Tank With RPG; Heavy Losses For IDF In Gaza School Battle


An intense battle ensued for hours inside a school in Gaza’s Khan Younis between Hamas’ Al-Qassam brigades and the Israeli Army. Both sides claimed heavy casualties and released videos to back their claims. In the Hamas-released footage, Al-Qassam fighters can be seen blowing up an Israeli tank with RPG and then firing non-stop at Israeli soldiers. Meanwhile, the IDF-released video shows bodies of Hamas fighters inside the school after raids. The Israel defence minister admitted that Dec 13 was the deadliest day for the force since Gaza ground invasion began. 10 soldiers were killed in face-to-face urban combat in just 24 hours. Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh issued a warning saying that any post-war Gaza plan that doesn’t include Hamas was a delusion. Watch for more details.



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