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UN Honours KK Shailaja, Kerala Minister, For Efforts To Tackle COVID-19

Kerala Wellbeing Clergyman KK Shailaja has been hailed for adequately leveling the Covid-19 bend in the state when the ailment attacked the whole nation.

The state was fruitful in containing the infection, generally given the ideal intercession by the clergyman.

As of late, she was respected by the Assembled Countries during the Open Assistance Day festival for handling the Covid-19 pandemic adequately.

The UN watched Open Assistance Day on 23rd June to respect the individuals who are taking a chance with their lives and wellbeing to convey fundamental open administrations amid the continuous COVID-19 pandemic.

The occasion was hung on a virtual stage and saw UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and other top UN dignitaries’ cooperation. They commended all the pioneers, including Shailaja, for their work during the pandemic.

Talking at the occasion, Shailaja, noticed that the experience picked up from handling Nipah episode and the two floods in 2018 and 2019 helped her handle Covid-19 successfully. She additionally stated:

Directly from when COVID cases were announced in Wuhan, Kerala got into the WHO track and adhered to each standard working conventions and universal standards. Subsequently, we have had the option to keep the contact spread rate to underneath 12.5 percent and the death rate to 0.6 percent.

The clergyman was additionally hailed by the global association for the state’s low Covid death rates.