UK Couple Transform Their 1930s home, It’s Value Goes Up By Rs 2 Crore

UK Couple Transform Their 1930s home, It's Value Goes Up By Rs 2 Crore

With DIY renovations, the couple increased the value of their house massively.

Effective renovation work has the potential to significantly enhance both the value and condition of any house. With meticulous attention and skilled supervision, any structure has the ability to undergo a transformative process, ultimately becoming a highly valuable and desirable space. Proper planning, skilled craftsmanship, and architectural supervision are crucial elements in achieving a successful renovation.

According to The Metro, a couple from Brighton, UK, have added a whopping 175,000 pounds (Rs 1,85,42492) to their property value by DIYing every room in their home. Since buying their three-bedroom house for 436,000 pounds in June 2021, Charlotte and Bobby Buckingham, 32 and 35, have spent 60,000 pounds renovating nearly every room in their 1930s home.

DIY stands for “do it yourself.” It is the act of making, repairing, or modifying things for yourself rather than paying someone else to do it for you.

The couple undertook a comprehensive overhaul, redesigning the lounge, hallway, and utility room. They also extended the rear of the house to craft a multi-functional space that combines a kitchen, dining area, living space, and play area. Notably, the new design incorporates distinctive elements, including a climbing wall.

Watch the video of the renovation project:

The main bathroom remains untouched for now, as the couple has plans to renovate it at a later time.

According to the assessment conducted by Charlotte and Bobby Buckingham, the value of their house has seen a substantial increase, reaching 620,000 pounds (Rs 6,56,93,402).

“We have knocked through the old kitchen and bedroom, knocked down the old conservatory, and built a new asymmetrical pitched roof extension with black bifolds and an exposed steel beam,” Charlotte, who works as a physiotherapist, told The Metro.

“We DIY because we can’t afford to buy. Examples of this include a corner outdoor sofa, a dining table and bench, and built-in wardrobes.”

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