Best Tricks To Get Free PUBG UC

get pubg uc for free

PUBG stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It is a popular online game realised in December 2017. It was initially released in March 2017, but it was only the metadata of the game. It is developed and published by PUBG Corporation. Its concept is fantastic with fantastic features.

In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the player will join in the map and try to survive in a game. The funda is simple to play until everyone gets to kill and will the title. There is a title for winner’s called “Winner winner chicken dinner”.

To make an exciting game developer add many more things like skin for the players and the weapons. There are many designed cloths and also surprise cases which unlock many things in PUBG. There is also a concept of UC. You have to buy UC, which will give you access to unlocking skins, guns, bombs and many things.

Tricks to get PUBG UC for free:

Every PUBG player desires to buy UC, but everyone is not capable of buying it. For that here we are with the ideas of getting free UC. TO get free UC read our article and enjoy the advantage of UC in the game.

Many apps and channel are collaborating with PUBG and give UC’s in their giveaways. Otherwise, there is no official way to get free UC. But you are at the right place that you will get a few tricks by which you will get free UC.

  1. Buy only for once and use for a lifetime [best]:

This is the best way to get UC in PUBG for a lifetime.

But, you have to buy UC for once at the standard rate of PUBG(800 INR).

This 800 INR will give you 600+60 UCs total 660 UCs. By 600 UCs you have to buy Elite Royal pass which will Unlock lots of cards, moves, apparels, coupons and UCs as well if you complete the weekly missions.

As you can see in the above image elite royal pass will give you 30 UCs after each 5th Royal pass. If you do all missions in one season, you will get your 600 UCs back by which you can buy UCs again. Repeat the same process in every season as well to get your money back as well as some cool apparels and moves to show off in your squad.

  1. Use Different App:

There are many apps which are collaborating with PUBG and give UCs for free. There are many apps which are used to do this here we will provide you with the best three apps by using it you will able to do this

  1. WeGame:


This app is about to clear the cache of your device after playing a game. But it will be useful for us when they are giving us UCs for free. There are some necessary steps to get free UCs. Follow them and get it.

Download the app from this link Download.

  1. Download the app first.
  2. Give Permission to app from pubg mobile Game.
  3. Now Check in Game Mail, you will get Freebies there.

This is not fake. Official facebook page of  WeGame has also announced about this. Here is the Official post of WeGame that will give you trust on it.

  1. Paytm:

There are many websites and many apps by joining it you will get a simple task by completing it you will get some money. There are tasks like download some apps, analyse some data or click some ads. You will get some money on your Paytm account by linking it.

Once you reach an amount of 600 INR on your Paytm wallet you have to purchase Google recharge code from that Paytm account worthing of 600 INR. Now, you can get 600 UCs for free.

  1. Google Opinion Rewards App:

There is an app of Google known as Google Opinion Rewards App, which gives many tasks,  Surveys, and Offers. For that work, they will pay you with the some Google play free credits. You can by UCs for free by using it.


We Use these tricks personally; hence we believe that you will also get free UCs and enjoy the advantages of it on your PUBG account.