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Someone Pointed Out That The Spotify Emblem Appears Like Good Day Biscuit. We Can not Unsee It

In case you’re a 90’s child who adores scones, let me ask you something, which was your go-to spread treats that you could purchase from your pocket cash? For me, the idea of treats in Indian families is interchangeable with Britannia’s Acceptable Day.

Twitter client Harsha is known for his handle ‘Tapanguchi’ as of late shared perception and a typical connection between our preferred roll, God Day, and our go-to music stage Spotify and the association is so stunning!

Yes, you got that correct person, Spotify’s logo has a similar semi-hover smilie as the ones on Britannia’s Acceptable Day treats!

In great soul and with an expectation to make 90’s children nostalgic, Spotify ventured up their game. Spotify’s checked record on Twitter changed their profile picture.

That is correct, it is a zoomed-in image of a Decent Day treat, grinning likewise!

What’s more, their inscription impeccably catches everyone’s baffled state of mind at present.

Indeed, after the viral tweet, it feels like Britannia and Spotify are in a lovable relationship. Their PDA is making me grin more enthusiastically than the semi-hover creases At best treat.

Damn it! Presently every time I take a gander at Spotify’s logo, I’ll want to crunch on some Great Day treats, and each time I eat a parcel of Good Day, I’ll be seeing the topsy turvy blesses Spotify’s logo.