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Sequel to R Madhavan And Dia Mirza’s Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein? Yes, Please

It has been right around two decades; 2 decades since Maddy and Reena got together despite seemingly insurmountable opposition and gave us a romantic tale to recall until the end of time.

What’s more, in uplifting news, you will find the solution very soon on the off chance that you have ever thought about what occurred them.

If sources are anything to be accepted, the creators of the film have discovered content that might be transformed into a spin-off of Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein, and the lead jobs will be played by Diya Mirza and Madhavan simply like the first film.

No, this isn’t a drill.

The source as of late conversed with Late morning about this and stated:

The creators played with certain ideas, here and there, throughout the years. Just currently have they discovered a content that has engaged everybody and appears to be a characteristic movement to the lives of Maddy and Reena. The content is in the last phase of improvement.

Additionally, indicating a potential continuation, Diya Mirza had as of late stated, “We are giving a valiant effort to get it going, however we will possibly cooperate when we can put forth a strong effort”, during an Insta-live with Madhavan.