New Game Show ‘Floor Is Lava’ Dominated Netflix Over The Weekend

From darling shows like Takeshi’s Stronghold to Crash, the mid-2000s’ for us desi kids has been tied in with watching them firangs do some hard impediments and snickering at them once they fall flat.

Presently, Netflix did us a gigantic kindness by bringing something to that effect for us all with Floor is Magma.

This ‘most blazing’ game show is tied in with utilizing our preferred youth game and transforming into a furious rivalry. The principles are fundamental. There are three groups, and whichever group arrives at the end goal first without falling in the ‘made up magma’ wins.

This 10-scene season is facilitated by Rutledge Wood of Top Apparatus’ popularity. It is about various types of physical difficulties that will oddly make you marathon watch it while you go WTF all simultaneously.


It is so gorge commendable that it was the most-watched appear on Netflix after it was discharged.

Twitter wanted to concur that this show, without a doubt, is something different.

Request to make Javed Jaffrey the host of this show.