Man In UK Threatens To Defecate On Airport Conveyor Belt After Delay In Luggage

Man In UK Threatens To Defecate On Airport Conveyor Belt After Delay In Luggage

The incident took place at London Gatwick Airport. (Representative pic)

London Gatwick Airport recently witnessed an extraordinary scene when an impatient traveller had an epic meltdown while waiting for his luggage. According to the New York Post, the passenger, who unleashed a verbal tirade on the baggage carousel, threatened to defecate on the conveyor belt if his baggage didn’t arrive promptly. “We are waiting! If you don’t hurry up I will go poo on the f***ing trail!” the impatient man angrily vowed at the airport.

This recent incident has set a new benchmark for baggage carousel drama. The British traveller, whose name remains unknown, unleashed an epic meltdown after his luggage took a few extra minutes to arrive on a conveyor belt. As per the Post, the man screamed into the carousel in an attempt to talk to baggage handlers behind the scenes. He then threatened to defecate on the belt if his luggage didn’t arrive promptly.  

The fed-up flier waited for around 15-20 minutes for his baggage before climbing onto the conveyor belt and threatening to poop again in public, the outlet reported. “”Helloooo? Hellloooo?” the passenger shouted in the abyss. “I’ll tell you what, if you don’t hurry up I’m going to lay a Richard [defecate] right in front of it [the baggage carousel],” he said.

The man’s luggage emerged on the conveyor belt after an exorbitantly long wait time. His baggage was the first to make its grand entrance. “It’s number one!” he excitedly shouted with triumphant joy, as per people who witnessed the absurd incident. It is not known when the incident took place. 

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Meanwhile, in a similar incident earlier this year, a passenger onboard an American Airlines flight was kicked out of the plane after a heated argument with a member of the cabin crew over the number of bags kept in the overhead storage bins. A video of the same was shared on Reddit. 

In the clip, the man, who had his hair in a top knot and was wearing a yellow t-shirt, was captured on camera yelling “there’s no space” repeatedly after another passenger allegedly kept their luggage above him and then took their seat. The passenger said in the video, “This guy put his luggage up here, now we don’t have any space. He’s got no space.” He continued repeating the same phrase as other passengers boarded the plane. 

The Reddit user who posted the video claimed the man had utilised four of the overhead bins to store his luggage and that he could be seen removing numerous bags as he was being removed. “Ironically, he had like 4 big bags on the overhead bins. I left out the horrendous racist comments he made to the gentleman who put his luggage in the overhead bin,” reads the description of the video. 

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