Glenmark launches new coronavirus medicine at ₹103 per tablet. 10 things to know

As the coronavirus has seethed on, the edgy investigation into approaches to fix it has been going at a wild-eyed pace. While there’s still no Sureshot antibody or quick fix, there are sure meds gradually being built up that can help treat the feared sickness. Presently, there’s one being made in India.

Mumbai based Glenmark Pharmaceuticals has made the antiviral medication FabiFlu, which has been endorsed for the treatment of mellow to direct COVID-19 patients.

This makes Glenmark the central Indian organization to financially deliver an antiviral medication for the treatment of moderate coronavirus. They got showcasing and fabricating endorsement from the Indian medication controller, Drug Controller General of India (DCGI), and propelled today.

FabiFlu costs Rs 3500 for 34 tablets, which comes out to Rs 103 for every tablet.

The measurements are 200 mg X 9 tablets on the very first moment and 200 mg X 4 tablets every day for 14 days.

Clinical preliminaries of gentle to direct patients found viability of 80% in those rewarded.

Glenmark led clinical preliminaries among 90 mellow and 60 moderate COVID-19 patients across 11 destinations in India.

The medication works by getting into cells and hindering viral replication from lessening the viral burden. A high pace of viral replication can be controlled with early utilization of antiviral medications.

It is critical to utilize these in the beginning periods, as viral replication in the later stages eases back down, and the body’s fierce safe reaction drives sickness to confusion and organ disappointment.


The medication Favipiravir is presently sold under various brand names in specific nations of the world to treat coronavirus. With the appearance of it in India, how about we trust our patients can be given some alleviation.