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‘Ghulam’ Actor Javed Hyder Sells Vegetables To Make Ends Meet, His TikTok Video Goes Viral

Media outlets have been `severely hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, with numerous specialists day-by-day laborers and on-screen characters left without an average salary.


Subsequently, they’ve been compelled to look for substitute wellsprings of pay. Like entertainer Javed Hyder, who depended on offering vegetables to get by.

Hyder has shown up in films and shows like Ghulam, Chandni Bar, Jeannie Aur Juju, and so forth. On-screen character Cart Bindra shared a TikTok video he made on Twitter, and soon the video became a web sensation.


Numerous individuals took to Twitter to remark on the video while lauding his soul even with difficulty:

God favors you, sir. 🙌

Covid-19 pandemic has brought forth a helpful worldwide emergency that has seriously influenced many family units. Legislatures must assume responsibility and work towards aiding those out of luck.