End Of An Era: The Undertaker Announces His Retirement At WrestleMania 33

If the WWE docuseries Funeral director: The Last Ride is anything to be thought, wrestling star The Funeral director has thrown in the towel after being in the game for a long time.

In the last scene of the narrative, The Last Ride, The Funeral director admitted that he wants to return to the ring now.

“On the off possibility that there was ever an ideal consummation of a profession, that spot was it. If Vince was after all other options have been exhausted, would I return? I surmise time will tell there. If there should arise an experience of crisis, break glass, you pull out The Funeral director. I would need to think about that. The state never, yet now in my life and my vocation, I want to get back in the ring.”

It was trailed by WWE posting this tweet:

His last battle was against AJ Styles at Wrestlemania 36, which Funeral director believes is the ‘immaculate closure’ of his profession.

In the interim, his fans and supporters have been pouring their assessments on Twitter, expressing gratitude toward the wrestling star for making their youth astonishing.

The finish of a period.