Donald Trump’s New Year’s Eve Party Features 90s Rapper Vanilla Ice

Donald Trump's New Year's Eve Party Features 90s Rapper Vanilla Ice

Rapper Vanilla Ice entertained the crowd at Donald Trump’s resort.

Rapper Vanilla Ice brought the ‘90s back in style with his iconic “Ice Ice Baby” performance at Donald Trump’s private New Year’s Eve celebration at Mar-a-Lago, Florida. The event made waves on social media, with #VanillaIce trending on New Year’s Day, fueled by the 56-year-old’s energetic performance. 

Vanilla Ice, whose real name is Rob Van Winkle, entertained people at Mr Trump’s resort with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle from the ’90s. Videos show Mr Trump watching the rapper perform in the room. The night also had an Elvis impersonator.

Mr Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr, expressed his excitement in a live video shared on Facebook, captioning it with, “Ok, this is amazing.” The video showcased him enthusiastically mouthing the words to Vanilla Ice’s performance. “Vanilla Ice is playing the Mar-a-Lago New Years Eve party. As a child of the 90s you can’t fathom how awesome that is. Beyond that I got the birthday shoutout so that’s pretty amazing.”

Now, take a look at some videos from Vanilla Ice’s power-packed performance.

In a speech,  Mr Trump mentioned his wife, Melania Trump’s absence, explaining she was with her mother in a Miami hospital. He lightened the mood with a joke about Mar-a-Lago members “scalping tickets” and briefly touched on politics, mentioning the upcoming Iowa GOP caucuses in three weeks. “We’re going to have a fantastic year. Our country has gone to hell but we’re going to turn it around, we’re going to turn it around quickly,” said the former US President. 

The ’90s rapper grabbed attention last month by claiming ties to 2Pac and Pablo Escobar. 

Another performance stirred controversy among former President Trump’s supporters. Popular rock band Green Day modified the lyrics to their song while appearing on ABC’s New Year’s Eve show “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve,” hosted by Ryan Seacrest. 

The band performed their 2004 hit American Idiot, but instead of singing the original line “I’m not part of a redneck agenda,” they opted for “I’m not part of the MAGA agenda.” 

This alteration sparked outrage among Trump supporters, while those opposed to the leading GOP candidate praised the change in lyrics.

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