Disney Announces Redesign Of Splash Mountain After Some Call Ride Themes Racist

Sprinkle Mountain, a Disney Amusement Park staple ride, is experiencing a plan change in light of grumblings about its relationship with the film Melody of the South. In an announcement on Thursday, Disney reported that the ride would be “rethemed” to concentrate on the 2009 vivified film The Princess and the Frog.

A Change.org appeal says that the log flume ride — renditions of Disney parks in Florida, California, and Japan — is steeped in extremely problematic and stereotypical racist tropes,” from the 1946 film. That appeal, which required the upgrade reported Thursday, has gotten more than 20,000 marks.

While the announcement clarified that Sprinkle Mountain would be upgraded in Disneyland and Disney World, it didn’t refer to the adaptation of the ride that exists in Tokyo.

Previous Disney President Sway Iger has recognized that Tune of the South, whose characters are portrayed in the animatronic segment of the ride, is “not fitting in this day and age.” In Spring, Iger said that the film, which consolidates live-activity and liveliness components and is determined to a Georgia estate after the Common War, would not be remembered for the organization’s Disney+ stage.


In 1946, when Disney discharged the film, the NAACP unequivocally disliked the film, saying that “in an exertion neither to irritate crowds in the North or South, the creation assists with propagating a hazardously celebrated picture of slavery…[the film] shockingly gives the impression of an untainted ace slave relationship, which is a twisting of the realities.”

Disney stops recently changed the popular ride Privateers of the Caribbean, expelling its sexist portrayal of a “wedding sell-off” in 2017.

In Disney’s announcement, representative Michael Ramirez said that the retheming of Sprinkle Mountain had been in progress since a year ago, yet gestured to its pertinence to conversations of race in America.

“The retheming of Sprinkle Mountain is of specific significance today,” Ramirez said in Disney’s announcement. “The new idea is comprehensive – one that the entirety of our visitors can associate with and be motivated by. It addresses the decent variety of a vast number of individuals who visit our parks every year. “