Delhi: Elderly man murdered for feeding stray dogs

A 57-year-elderly person was cut to death for taking care of lost canines who were yelping at the blamed. The casualty was taking care of the pooches when he was more than once cut.

A 21-year-elderly person named Prahlad murdered his neighbor Brij Mohan, 57, over the issue of taking care of lost canines, detailed The Indian Express.

Brij Mohan used to take care of the wanderers in the Paharganj territory, some of whom supposedly bit Prahlad.

Following this, the two had a verbal fight, as Prahlad repeated how the mutts could be dangerous for those living in the district.

Afterward, he returned home and returned with a blade and purportedly cut Brij Mohan.

The 57-year-old capitulated to wounds in the medical clinic.

Prahlad fled after the episode, and the police started its inquiry. In an announcement given to The Indian Express, Sanjay Bhatia, Appointee Magistrate of Police (Focal), stated:

After we got data that Prahlad was concealing someplace close Sabzi Mandi Krishna Market territory of Paharganj, and was wandering in the road by covering his face with the veil, we caught him from the region.

The denounced, who fills in as a DJ, was captured, and the weapon of the wrongdoing was recouped from him.