British Woman Dies After Suffering Cardiac Arrest Mid-Air On Glasgow-Bound Flight

The airline has not yet released a statement on the tragedy.

A passenger onboard a flight from Tenerife to Glasgow died after suffering a cardiac arrest midair. According to a Metro report, the female traveler was on TUI flight BY1573, which departed Tenerife Sur Airport around 5:30 PM local time. However, she suffered a cardiac arrest shortly after take-off. Almost an hour into the flight, crews issued an emergency Squawk 7700 signal. 

The Glasgow-bound flight was then diverted to Funchal Airport on the island of Madeira at around 6.20 pm. Approximately 20 minutes after the emergency signal, the plane touched down on the Portuguese island.

However, the woman could not be saved despite the efforts of medical and emergency crews on the ground. Her identity has not been revealed. 

After a delay of a few hours, the flight resumed its journey en route to Glasgow at 8:55 pm last night. The airline has not yet released a statement on the tragedy. 

A few months back, a pilot died after collapsing in the bathroom of a commercial flight from Miami to Chile with 271 passengers on board. The incident prompted an emergency landing in Panama, which was carried out by the co-pilot. Captain Ivan Andaur, the pilot who died, began feeling unwell three hours after the LATAM Airlines flight took off. He was given emergency treatment by the crew, but they were not able to revive him.

Earlier this year, a woman complained that she was told to stop breastfeeding her newborn baby on a TUI plane because it would make other passengers ”uncomfortable”, Independent reported. 

Chelsea Williams took to Facebook on August 7 to describe her experience. 

”During our outbound flight, I was told I was not allowed to breastfeed (even though we were both buckled) during takeoff and landing. I have never had this with other airlines it is encouraged to help with baby ear pain. Before my inbound flight, I thought I’d check what the official rules were as I was shocked it wasn’t allowed as it left my baby screaming as a consequence,” she wrote. 

”There are no official restrictions, however, we would not recommend it because it could make other people uncomfortable,” TUI’s message to the woman read

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