Sikar, Rajasthan Is Freezing At 0 Degrees & We Aren’t Sure If It’s A Desert State Or A Hill Station

The unthinkable is occurring in Rajasthan, as again the desert country witnesses never-seen-before climatic changes. The city of Sikar in Rajasthan allegedly experienced zero-degree temperature and the information has left many shocked.

Known for its dry and dusty geography, Rajasthan isn’t used to these low temperatures, but lately other areas of the nation like Mount Abu, Pilani, Churu and even Jaipur have found the germ dip drastically.

Lately, another small town called Nagaur in Rajasthan received such heavy hailstorm, it almost appeared as if the landscape was covered with layers of snow! Just like Sikar, locals in Nagaur could not think what they were experiencing.

The freezing temperature has left the locals and state government in a state of worry as they dread the worst.

The state government is hoping to help people in need by providing them nighttime shelters, food and blankets to help them survive this chilly blast. This is again a reminder that it is high time people took climate change more seriously.